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Boddicker <trumanst@...>

I don't have an answer for the canopy, accept that there is a place called
Todds Canpoys. Try to Google it.
The reason I replied was to ask the group how many out there would like a
new heavy nose gear? I would be happy to try to spearhead the effort to get
Scott Swing to produce another batch of them. If we were to have a good
sized order, it may help. I know of four without thinking too hard. Any
others that would like a new nose gear? Please respond. I will also ask
around if I can get to Emporia, (Weather) and get a total from there. Then
next week get in touch with Scott.

Kevin Boddicker
Luana, Iowa
Tri Q200 N7868B 32.4 hours

on 9/20/06 10:15 AM, larry severson at larry2@... wrote:

33LQ has a new home, but she will need a new canopy. Where can I get
one for a Q?

Also, the original builder built the LS1 canard with anhedral (on a
triQ). The damage to the canard was limited to easily repaired dings
to one tip and a small area 1/2 way down the leading edge on the same
side. I will not consider flying a triQ that can not handle a cross
wind. As such, I will be cutting off the canard (after I get the new
Swing nose gear). At that point, I will offer the completed
canard/elevator system for sale.

Larry Severson
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 968-9852
larry2@... <>

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