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Rick Hole

HI Jason. I admire your ambition going the CNC route. I suspect
the numbers you require have simply not been measured, so nobody has
them to give to you. You may have to reverse-engineer this by
building the templates and then taking your own measurements.

If I were doing it, I would scan the templates and use a 3D CAD
program to loft the part. You can check the accuracy of the
template (copies) by noting that the leading edges will connect with
a straight line, as will the trailing edges and level lines. If
these connecting lines are reasonably straight, you may assume your
templates are sufficiently accurate.

Taking measurements from flying aircraft will be misleading as each
person does things a bit differently. There is room in the design
for a small variance in assembly. Even assuming you have an
original set of prints you still may not have the total accuracy you
desire as the paper absorbs moisture from the atmoshpere and swells
or shrinks. You may find that the 10 mil but accuracy of your CNC
exceeds the accuracy you will be able to measure from the
templates. It goes with the territory.

Please consider that once you have the cores cut, you will still
have to use the jigging templates for assembly. You will slurry the
wings with (a difficult to predict exactly) micro, then apply a
number of layers of glass with epoxy. Variation in application will
easily swamp the 10-mil accuracy of your cut. But that's OK. Do
the best you can.

We are just beginning our Q2. The hot-wire templates you need are
missing but the cores were already cut, and a very nice job at that.

Good luck, Jason. Rick Hole, PE

--- In Q-LIST@..., Jason Muscat <fifty101fifty@...>

i understand all of this ... the problem is that I have a machine
cutting out my cores... so i will not need to make templates nor
will i need the level lines or any of that (not to mention a decent
accurate set of templates do not exist they are all second hand
copies and very poor quality)...the "wash out " or " twist " is the
difference between this "level line" and the cord line. ... does any
one have CLEAN copies of these templates: bl100 and bl15 templates
at the least? and wing templates(cant even find these on line)? Ill
figure it out if any one can point me in the correct direction... to
have the cores cut out by CNC saves me days worth of work not to
mention be more accurate than any one could ever do by hand… I can
literally cut a set out in 10 min (both the entire wing and canard)
and they are accurate with in .010 of an more than
willing to share this ability; it seems no one is interested in
helping…I have been referred to the plans before and this
group them selves have admitted it to being very shotty and
unclear....and you honestly admit to simply swaging a measurement
when "contradictive measurements goes with the territory?" im simply
trying to fill in those gaps with math instead of "eyeballing" it ..
I have been trying to get on the "q-performance" chat room but they
haven't admitted me yet…. I'm just looking for a little intuitive
thinking that any one has done out side of the ambiguous plans that
came with this plane…. nothing to cosmic

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