Re: Inspector and Instructor for Q-2

jerry kennedy <jerrykennedy2001@...>

--- Dave Dugas <> wrote:

How far up in VT are you? I live 25 minutes
below Brattleboro. I could show you my Q2 this
weekend. Home phone is (978) 544-8638.

philmarshall05640 <> wrote:
I am buying a Q-2 from Jerry Kennedy in
Sioux Falls, SD. I am flying
out to get it Sept 20th. Is there anyone on the list
who can vouch
for Jerry's Q-2 or could come and inspect it for me?

I will also need to get at least 5 hours of dual
with an instructor
with time in a Quickie because the insurance company
insists (and it's
a good idea). I'm willing to fly with Jerry to get
comfortable with
it and fly somewhere to get instruction. I hope to
go to the fly-in on
the 23rd, but the weather may prevent it. I will be
flying it back to
Vermont in anycase.

Phil Marshall, 450 hours (SEL & glider)
Kitfox N1585F and (soon) Q-2 N214FK
Adamant, VT
Phil was here as planed. We were able to take a
flight the weather was terible all weekend,rained
for three days. He loved the plane but he
didn't fit in the plane very good, he was too
tall in the body' he had to lay his head over to the
side to close the canopy. He had to fly home on
---------- Jerry
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