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Sam Hoskins <shoskins@...>

Duh! I just figured it out.

I can't believe they let me in the airspace!



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I 'm kinda dumb. I can't find the file you uploaded. What was the name of
it, and in which folder?

Also, I didn't know if you knew, but we have a Q-200 engine group, just for
the O-200 guys. You might want to cross post it there. We have O-200
several experts who aren't Q guys. This link may work:
http://groups. <>



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I have uploaded a PDF file of the Dyno 2003 info I'm looking for on
the 0-200. So I can do a Dyno Sim of the engine. If you know any of
the **** info please e-mail the spec's to Armilite@aol.
<> com .
Bore, Stroke, Compression, is all I have so far. I would like any
stock spec's and any special cams, etc.

If you have a different engine your curious about, e-mail your spec's
using this as a template and I'll run it for you. The CFM is bogus, I
was just playing around.
Rich Gillen

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