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Doug Humble <hawkidoug@...>

Also, FWIW- I fly behind a Sterba prop as do a few guys in my local EAA chapter. We like them. Price is right.

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
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John FWIW I did a bit of a price survey last year and decided on a prop by
Ed Sterba for the Jabiru. I got it oversize and have been trimming it and
charting the results, but now waiting for the engine to loosen up. It is a
good prop and was recommended by the others for about $400 probably the
price is hard to beat. I had to rebalance it the ballast he fitted was 20gm
too much, and a bit of attention to the foil at one end, otherwise I am
happy with it. It has leading edge polyurethane protection.



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Hi all,

Anyone have any first hand experience with the Props Inc. propeller
manufacturer that you would mind sharing?

I would like to try a fixed pitch wood prop on my Soob and Props, Inc. seems
to have the most reasonable price but would like to verify the quality of
their product.

If anyone happens to have a spare prop in the 56" x 44" range and wouldn't
mind letting me try it (my expense), please let me know.


Jon Finley
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