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Darrell Daniels <log@...>

Why did you have to shorten your prop. Thanks Darrell

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Hi Jon,
I bought my original prop from Jeff at Props Inc. back in 1999. Since then he refinished it twice for me and has done excellent work. The first time was just a refinish and the second time earlier this year was a repitch and shortening. The original prop length was 56" by 46" pitch. I ended up with 54" by 45" pitch. This prop ended up cracking at the hub a couple of months later, but this was not Jeff's fault.
Anyways the work he does is of very high quality and Jeff is a super nice guy, very easy to deal with and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

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Hi all,

Anyone have any first hand experience with the Props Inc. propeller
manufacturer that you would mind sharing?

I would like to try a fixed pitch wood prop on my Soob and Props, Inc. seems
to have the most reasonable price but would like to verify the quality of
their product.

If anyone happens to have a spare prop in the 56" x 44" range and wouldn't
mind letting me try it (my expense), please let me know.


Jon Finley
N90MG - Q2 - Subaru EJ-22 Legacy
Mid-Valley Airpark, Los Lunas, NM

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