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That does help, Sam, esp. mounting instructions.

Not sure how I can better describe my concern in words. Let's say the
mount is an uppercase "L" where the bottom part of the L is clamping
to the rotor which is spinning at 5,000 RPM (90mph) with a run-out of
.03". Then the top of the L will be wagging at the same speed and, if
the ratio top:bottom is 2:1, an amplitude of .06". However, the slide
only permits movement along the top axis (i.e., L jumping up and down,
not teetering side-to-side). Nor am I sure the thing will loosen or
wear visibly before breaking, so I'd at least have some notice during

Agreed that I should avoid the issue by removing run-out, but the
rotor is new and that's as close as I could get; maybe I should get
finer shims.

Thanks -

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Wes, I'm not clear on what you are saying here. Is it the fact that the
disc is not flat that is causing concern, or that it is off-center
of the
center point of the axle?

If the disc is not flat, yes it should be shimmed as much as flat as you
can. However, the slide feature of the mount makes that condition a lot
more tolerable than the other mounts. That's why I like it. 0.030"
shouldn't be a problem.

Here is how I got the best alignment between the mount and the wheel:

Install everything, but don't yet drill the brake mounting holes
into the
wheel pant.

Now, pull the brake handle and lock the caliper onto the disk. This
cause the caliper to align itself with the wheel.

Next, stuff the void between the brake mounting plate and the wheel pant
with flox. Voila! Perfect alignment. Don't drill the holes until
you have
verified everything is to your satisfaction.

I just uploaded another photo to my Q-List folder. This link may work:

You want to make sure the through hole in the threaded rod gives enough
clearance and the threaded rod doesn't need to be too long. Maybe 1 ΒΌ"?

Does this help?



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I have the Coughlin brake mount parts (thanks Jon and Sam and ...) but
noticed (late) that it permits only movement parallel to the disk
rotor. My rotor has some run-out (down to about .03" after
reshimming, still noticable) which it seems to me would cause chafing
on the slide if not significant vibration where the mount attaches to
the wheelpant. By contrast, my mount (see qtalk 1, Peay) permits
about 5 degrees of twist, enough to tolerate a bit of run-out.

So for those who've used the Coughlin mounts, do you have any run-out
that they have to tolerate, and how many landings have you used them?

Thanks -

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