Re: [Dragonflylist] Congratulations on a successful flyin and I need a little help here (Grin!)

Spud Spornitz <spudspornitz@...>

Hi Justin,

The event did go very well (a little windy), the newbie's and oldies
learned a bunch, we laughed a lot (cried some too!), saw some fun flying
(That 540 Cozy IV was a rocket!!), and the camaraderie was off the
scale, but the folks from AZ area and the west coast were very much

Super thanks for the report as it sounds like you guys have been busy
building airplanes!!!! Which is the most important part.

We had two attending Dragonfly's, Letempt and Bourque and the balance
was Q-1's, Q-2's & Q-200's (with a Cozy IV and Velocity to pick for a
"Tie" for Biggest Deviation of Plans award). There will be a full report
in the up-coming editions of both newsletters.

I must admit, I'm a little perplexed why we don't more Q's & DF's and
their pilots attending (particularly Dragonfly's) from the AZ area and
west coast. Maybe its flying over the mountains, maybe some are
uncomfortable with engine combinations (VW, etc), maybe its to close to
Oshkosh, maybe it timing, maybe it just isn't important enough (it
certainly is plenty of work!), maybe people just have to busy a schedule
to carve out that time, who knows for sure?????

Tell me Justin (and you trusty band of AZ DF's), also Richard in Chino,
Hale, Patillo, Farnham and etc. What's a good weekend in Sep/Oct 2007
that would work for you guys, Sept 7-9th or Sep 14-16th or Sep 21-23rd
or Oct 5-7th. Give me some feed back guys and we'll try to scheduled
around what works for you. We want you here, you are very much part of
the group!!!

And now after this years event, I really need you guy's help in a big
way, I now have this bet with Jimmy Masal on the amount of attending
tandem wing aircraft, Q's & DF's in 2007 (no Longs, Cozy or Velocity's
don't count). I need 20 or more Q's & DF's flying/attending (with a
minimum of 5 DF's). Yes, yes, yes, I have opened my big mouth again!!!!!
So guys, you tell me what its going to take?? (Within reason!!!) to get
you and your planes to Kansas in September/October 2007. All bribes will
be entertained (Grin!!) In 1993 we had 27 or 28 tandems at the event,
why not 20 in 2007. I don't see why not, with a little organization we
can pull this off (And I win! <Happy Dance>). So I ask you Q and DF
drivers out there, tell me what it going to take to get you here in

Important note: No Jimmy, this isn't cheating, you never said I couldn't
ask for help!!!! (Snicker, snicker!!!)

Very Best Regards,

Spud Spornitz
Olathe, Kansas

P.S. Yes, we'll play Poker in 2007, we will even have an "official
dealer" for the event. We gave away $150 ($100,$30 & $20) in poker this
year, but can't remember the names right now. But that was fun!!!

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Hey Spudly, sounds like the swarming went well, but I am saddened to
hear of a Q driver going down in MO., on the way to the flyin. My
condolences to his family.

Just to keep you up to date, while you guys were having all that fun I
happened to be in the LA area and had a chance to get together with 4
other dragonfly drivers. Between the 4 of us still flying we have a
total of 4650 hrs on our planes. Two of these aircraft have
Continental engines with one of the fellows planning on installing an
O-200. I got a chance to see his new motor mount and cowl design.
The last fellow is still flying with a VW but is on his third case and
still accumulating hours.

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to fly along side of Allen
Peterson in his Dragonfly. Allen has installed an O-200 much the same
as mine. He just got back from a trip to MN. He has installed a
Navaid Devices wing leveler coupled to his new 296 Garmin. He also
installed an altitude hold unit by Altrac, between the two it amounts
to a full autopilot. He said the trip was very good and was not a
problem to fly all day. Much more comfortable than his old Beachcraft
Musketeer. Allen said that he got into some serious rain while
enroute but it was a non event even with the GU canard. Oh, he has
VG's installed at 50% cord.

Like I said, I had the opportunity to fly alongside for a while and
let me tell you it was great fun to fly with another DF again.
Especially with his "auto pilot" turned on. No altitude changes or
course changes while flying formation, it was very easy to be stable
next to his plane, MaryJo even thought it was fun. He was at 140 kts
and I was fooling around and let him get ahead. I had to go to 150
kts to catch up. We flew for about 20 miles like that before we
started to do some sight seeing. All in all it was great fun. MaryJo
didn't have her camera along this trip or we would have some air to
air shots, maybe next time.

Lurking here on the list it sounds like there are a few that still
have no clue what the Dragonfly is all about. In short, it's the best
bang for the buck flying machine going, even with the expensive O-200
for an engine. If you don't believe that just price some of the
ultralights. While they have their place, for the same $$ you can fly
at 140 kts on 5 gal/hr. The DF does require a PPL, or better ticket.

For those that have decided and are building, keep at it, it is a very
fun, safe and useful airplane.

Justin Mace
Tucson, AZ
Dragonfly MK2/O-200 with more than 100 hrs in type.

P.S. Jeff, I also looked at the ACS catalog on page 26 and find that
Dart is not listed as the owners of the Dragonfly, this appears to be
something that needs corrected in the 07 catalog.

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