Re: Weight and Balance for Q1

Jon Finley <jon@...>


If I recall correctly, the Q1 datum is 14.4" forward of the forward
face of the firewall.

To download the POH from the Yahoo! Q-List files section, you must
have a Yahoo! groups ID and be logged in. Browse to and click on
the "Quickie POH.pdf" link that is shown. Assuming you have Adobe
Reader installed (or another pdf reader), the file will open and you
can save it to your computer.


--- In Q-LIST@..., "Sharon Ricke" <rickes@...> wrote:

Thanks for the e-mail. I'm a novice computer operator and do not
know how
to obtain a copy of the Q1 Pilots Operating Handbook. I would be
more than
happy to pay for one. How can I obtain this book?


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