Re: [Dragonflylist] Congratulations on a successful flyin and I need a little help here (Grin!)


Take a look at Smith Field in Ft Wayne, IN. 2 runways, plenty of room.
If you like it, let me know I'll help spear head an event.
Great resturants (everybody here eats out), loads of motels, hotels and camp grounds..
Home of EAA Chapter 2.

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hey Spud
Kirksville Mo has several Motels close to the airport. A days in 1
mile from the airport with a restaurant inside. at two miles is a ponderosa
steak house with a motel 8 beside. across the street is a holiday inn
express and a Shamrock Motel with a huge restaurant . There is a State park
close by with a lot of camping. and the runway is 6500 A 702 landed there
last year. has a new FBO with a shower and if they will let us use it they
have two huge hangers I could check on. I am not sure what my situation is
next year after seeing the Doc this week but it is a good location. Darrell
PS I am certainly not saying the location this year was bad . You did a
great job and except for my leg I really enjoyed it.
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Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the kind words.

Doug is working on two or three places up in Nebraska or Iowa for
possible locations for next years event. I'll check and see if there is
anything like that in Missouri or Kansas. I know there is nothing like
that around Olathe and Lawrence, KS. Motel on field would be handy. The
KR2 guys have had a big event in Mount Vernon., IL. Does anybody know
anything about that airport and facilties??? I'll check out St Joe, MO
to see how close the motels are. I know they have a large restraunt on
field. Keep you posted.



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Hey Spud,
You did a great job with the fly in! It was top notch! You're the
best my brotha'!

On a side note; I tried to find a spot in the "Midwest" with and
airport and hotel/motel combined but haven't come up with anything yet.
It would be great to find a facility that had both hotel and diner
combined. Sedona, AZ has an airport with cottages on top of a mesa.
Bullhead City, AZ airport had a water taxi that took you right across
the river to the hotels etc. but that changed when they re-arranged the
taxi way. Livermore, CA had a hotel that was within walking distance
on the field.
It would be great to find something like that although I don't know if
it would bring any more Q's and D'flys.
Flight Guide said that something was coming up that helped pilots find
these kind of fields in the future. It will be on line I think.

I will keep my eyes open for something if it shows up.

Bruce Crain

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