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Sorry you had a bad experience at LVK. On the one hand, you could have had
bad luck, or maybe you weren't feeling 100% yourself (that's usually my
wife's comment about me when I say everyone else seemed quiet or
standoffish). On the other hand - - -

Guys, there is a message here. We can't expect the hosts (at LVK Jim and
Bob) to do everything. Everyone needs to pitch in with the chores, but
also with greeting folks and making them feel comfortable. Even if you
don't have a flying plane yet, you can say something to the person you
don't recognize, help them get oriented and feeling part of the group.

My 2 cents --

Mike Perry

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Since you asked ..........
I attended my first LVK a year ago, drove over on Saturday. One Dragonfly
was there so I stuck my head in to look around and get some pictures. The
owner introduced himself and took the time to answer a few of my
questions. Then I walked to each of the other Qs and took pictures. Not
one Q driver introduced himself/herself. I took some pictures and left as
the call went out for lunch. Yes, I could've stayed for lunch, and yes I
could have been more forward and introduced myself. Maybe if I had brought
my Dragonfly I would have been assimilated into the group.
This year as the date for LVK rolled around, I wasn't even interested in
Last weekend I attended my first Thorp T18 flyin at Porterville. Eighteen
Thorps flew in, locals plus Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Nevada,
and three from AZ. I knew two people, but nearly everyone introduced
themselves. There was a couple of seminars (short and to the point, legal
stuff, aerobatics, maintenance, mods) and a few info-mercials from guys
building parts. I was impressed. One of the companies supplying T18 parts
is based at PTV and hosts the event. As with the TW group the Thorp group
also has an eastern flyin at Kentucky Dam.

Terry Adams

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Jerry hit it on the head regarding our flyins. Having them spread out
does allow more people to participate. The problem as he so acurately
points out is if people don't support them they go away. We've had a
few people attend from the east and we are grateful but mainly wind up
with the regualars from here.

When we started at LVK over six years ago, I had plans to grow our
event with seminars and more events to rival FOD. Bob on the other
hand wanted to keep it more of a meet and greet thing and that is what
its turned into. That's fine but I think the participation level is
dwendling and as a result, we need to give serious consideration as to
whether we have another LVK fly in or not. Any suggestions?

Jim Patillo
N46JP Q200

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