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Thanx for the info. I do have the directions for the LS1 but i am under the assumption they are not the final draft as they have stated in the first paragraph "The four large appendix sheets are the final drawings. The few instructions included here are not." And i am also assuming that there was never a set of directions to make spars as they were always pre fabricated in two pieces in the kit and joined by the builder. Are both these assumptions correct? If so does any one have the full ls1 canard directions? Does any one have the spar lay-up directions if it was ever instructed for the builder to make the spars him self? And 3.5* sweep, i have checked my math 4 times and im showing a sweep of 3.79*. Close enough I guess. My hats off to you guys, i have no idea how you make these planes from the plans.

much appreciated

Mike Perry <dmperry1012@...> wrote:
Here is the lamination schedule for the LS 1 spar, however you really
really REALLY need the full directions -- mine was done wrong by the first
builder (did not allow 3.5 deg sweep in jigging and canard has to be cut
out, re-jigged, spar cap redone!) So get a copy of the instructions and
study carefully before you start!

The LS1 spar gets
3 ply of BID at 45 deg extending 6" outside the joint (12" total)
then spars caps of UNI:
Bottom: 5 ply 18" x 3.5"
5 ply 16" " x 3.5"
5 ply 14" x 3.5"
5 ply 12" x 3.5"
5 ply 10" x 3.5"
Top: 5 ply 20" x 3.5"
5 ply 18" x 3.5"
5 ply 16" " x 3.5"
5 ply 14" x 3.5"
5 ply 12" x 3.5"
5 ply 10" x 3.5"

Mike Perry

At 05:36 PM 10/4/2006 +0000, you wrote:

Any one know the lay-up schedule for the Ls1 spar? Not just to join
the two halves but of the spar it self?

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