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David J. Gall


You do not have the complete plans. What you have is three pages that start
with the words "Dear Builder." The complete LS(1) plans include this
document, but are also composed of seven more pages of text entitled
"Construction of LS(1)-0417MOD Canard," plus four(?) appendix sheets. The
Quickie (not Q2/200) LS(1) plans are the same, plus another three page
document entitled "Construction of LS(1)-0417MOD Quickie Canard." Note
inclusion of the word "Quickie."

I publish a CD with all of the Q2/200 plans and QAC newsletters, but without
any of the full-size templates (appendix sheets). It is available at

(If I could get my hands on ORIGINALS of the LS(1) appendix sheets for both
the Q200 and the Quickie I'd happily digitize them and return them to their
owner, then publish them in .pdf and .dxf format. I already have all the
other appendix sheets but have not included them on the CD's. Leon McAtee
has done an excellent job of recreating the Quickie appendices and even
correcting some errors along the way, but no one has yet done the same for
the Q2/200.)

No one has the original spar layup schedules for the carbon spars, but Peter
Harris reverse engineered them (with the help of John ten Have) and will
gladly sell you a new set.

BTW, if you follow the instructions and plans you don't need to know whether
the sweep is 3.5" or 3.79"!

David J. Gall

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Thanx for the info. I do have the directions for the LS1
but i am under the assumption they are not the final draft as
they have stated in the first paragraph "The four large
appendix sheets are the final drawings. The few instructions
included here are not." And i am also assuming that there was
never a set of directions to make spars as they were always
pre fabricated in two pieces in the kit and joined by the
builder. Are both these assumptions correct? If so does any
one have the full ls1 canard directions? Does any one have
the spar lay-up directions if it was ever instructed for the
builder to make the spars him self? And 3.5* sweep, i have
checked my math 4 times and im showing a sweep of 3.79*.
Close enough I guess. My hats off to you guys, i have no idea
how you make these planes from the plans.

much appreciated

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