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Jeff, I agree with your must have list for the most part, For those of us
that are on either coast I would like to see it near a large commercial
airport so we can fly in commercially as long as there is a chance of bad
weather. That would help those flying their creations also. I don't think
if it is not exactly in the center makes much difference for those flying
commercially but should be close to the event. These flyin's started with
the Dflys and Qs, If there are some tandum wingers that would like to attend
they should be welcome and leave it at that, why in the world would you want
to move this discussion to their list? They are the visitors. This thing
about a hangar large enough to house all our planes is nice but should not
be priority 1. Priority 1 needs to be a indoor place or hangar we could have
our discussions/or whatever, on field restaurant that will also feed us
individually for the evening feed, I agree with most of the other items on
your list.

Ron Triano

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Sonerai there and Q200 gettin there

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I think there are a lot of great ideas being exchanged on the lists about
the fly-in. Organizing the fly-in takes a lot of effort and although it is
possible to organize the fly-in from a remote location, it is not something
I would highly recommend the first year at a new location. This means that
the fly-in really should be relatively close to the organizer's home. There
are so many variables that can drastically change the event overnight. A
simple fly-in where you can reserve a room at a buffet style restaurant (pay
as you go, no firm numbers needed in advance) for the awards banquet could
be organized remotely, but if you are have to select a caterer and organize
a banquet hall that complicates things. I am a HUGE supporter of moving the
fly-in around once in a while. I am not suggesting that we need to find a
new "perfect" location every year, but I think moving the event a few
hundred miles once in a while has a positive impact.

I appreciate the comments about the smaller TW fly-ins. I seriously doubt
that I will probably ever attempt to fly my VW powered Dragonfly to the west
coast for a weekend fly-in. I really do not enjoy long cross country
flights and my wife does not enjoy flying in my Dragonfly very much. I
totally understand someone not wanting to fly a couple thousand miles in the
TW airplane just to attend a weekend fly-in. Something like the FOD fly-in
where you might have 15-20 TW airplanes is a great opportunity for builders
to see finished flying planes, possibly get an orientation flight, and
certainly a great place to get some terrific ideas. Even if there was no
FOD fly-in in the middle of the US, that would not be justification for me
to attend a TW fly-in on the west coast. If anything I think it would give
me more incentive to attempt a long cross country flight.

I have attended the Illinois TW fly-ins 5 of the last 6 years and was
disappointed a couple times due to the low turnout. It has absolutely
nothing to do with the person organizing the event; Keith, Steve, and Sam
have done a GREAT job organizing these events. I was unable to attend the
Casey fly-in this year because of my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary.
I was sad that I missed the event, in fact I had seriously considered still
flying over to Casey but my sisters told me that mom and dad would write me
out of the will if I got weathered in or stuck at Casey due to maintenance

I understand the concept of having the fly-in just before or after
AirVenture, but I think this could have a negative impact on all but a few
potential long distance travelers. Most of us still have jobs and limited
funds (or we would probably all have Lancairs IVP's). Several of our
attendees volunteer at AirVenture and Sam always participants in the race.
The last 2 years I have just spent the last 3-4 days at AirVenture. Unless
someone planned on spending the whole week at AirVenture I am not sure how
you would schedule the TW fly-in, not to mention what impact this would have
on the organizers. Not everyone attends AirVenture, even if they only live
a couple hundred miles (or less) from OSH.

I understand Jim's frustration about spend lots of time organizing a fly-in
and then no one shows up. It is very stressful spending lots of time (and
money) and committing to contracts only to have the weather keep most of the
people from flying to the event. MOST of the pilots who can not fly-in due
to weather or maintenance would just tell the organizer to keep their
registration fees so the organizer would not take it in the shorts. Of
course most of the people who were going to drive or fly commercially show
up and are disappointed to see only a few TW airplanes. I guess this is the
nature of the beast and of course there is nothing we can do about the

Me, Doug, and Spud have been talking behind the scenes about next year's
event since a couple days after the fly-in. I proposed 2 sets of criteria
to Doug and Spud a few hours before that was suggested by David on the Q
list (I guess great minds think alike, right David?). In order to select a
fly-in location I think it is important to establish a list of "must have"
and "should have" needs. I will propose a few things to consider:


o Be generally located in the middle of the USA

o Have a fly-in friendly airport manager (critical to the success of
the fly-in)

o Have 4000' x 75' or larger runway

o Have hangar space for 20 TW airplanes

o Have space to conduct forums

o Have hotels and restaurants reasonably close

o Have reasonable access via automobile (close to interstate highway

o Have little or no cost to use the facility


o Have a crosswind runway

o Have parallel taxiways

o Be an uncontrolled airport clear of Class B airspace

o Allow camping at the airport

o Have shower facilities at the airport

o Have reasonable access to a major commercial airport

From looking at the MO airport directory there is a total of ZERO airports
which meet all the "must" and "should" criteria that I listed above, there
are 3 or 4 that get close. There are just not many large airports (2
runways that are 4000x75), out in the country, that are close to a big city,
that do not have a tower, but have lots of hotels close by, that would let
us use their big empty hangars for free....sounds like an impossible airport
to find.

I would be willing to remotely organize the fly-in under the right set of
circumstances, but a couple of organizers splitting responsibilities (and
sharing information) would probably be easier. Having some organizer depth
would certainly be a good thing....what would happen if the only event
organizer were to get sick and not be able to attend? Maybe one person
could handle the registrations and promotions, one person could be the
airport liaison and coordinate for the forum space and hangar space, one
person could handle the awards, one person could handle the awards get my drift, some of the tasks are easy and one person could
do more than one task. Establish one person as the head honcho and split up
the responsibilities. Obviously, it would be helpful if someone local could
handle the airport liaison duties and be the honest broker.

You would never know about the facility unless someone personally talked to
the airport manager/FBO and he/she was fly-in friendly. I spent a couple
hours the other night looking for potential airports and found several that
look pretty good on paper.

Ada, OK - KADH

Beatrice, NE - KBIE

Worthington, MN - KOTG

Mason City, IA - KMCW

Ankeny, IA - KIKV

Fort Dodge, IA - KFOD

Ames, IA - KAMW

Ottumwa, IA - KOTM

Southeast Iowa, Burlington, IA - KBRL

Keokuk, IA - KEOK

Iowa City, IA - KIOW

Muscatine, IA - KMUT

Jonesboro, AR - KJBR

Perry Lefors, Pampa, TX - KPPA

Hutchinson County Airport, Borger, TX - KBGD

Liberal, KS - KLBL

North Platte, NE - KLBF

Plainview, TX - KPVW

Hope, AR - KM18

Stuttgart, AR - KSGT

Conway, AR - KCWS

Coffeyville, KS - KCFV

El Dorado, KS - KEQA

Man they have some nice airports in IA!! I have created an Excel
spreadsheet that contains basic lodging information (number of hotels,
distance from the airport to the hotels, and basic $ range), distance to
major commercial airport, possible shower facilities, and city population.
Obviously if the "perfect" airport is not there, the "must have" list
criteria will have to be prioritized. It is more important to have a
suitable runway than to be close to a commercial airport. I have not really
looked at IL or WI yet, this is maybe getting on the far edge of the eastern
limit. IMO, the further east and north we go we will have potentially fewer
fly-in participants due to where the flying TW aircraft are generally
located. There are a couple airports that really look PERFECT on paper
(KIKV in particular).

If you have an airport that you think would be a great location for the next
fly-in, please let me know. The airport has to meet the criteria listed on
the "must" list. I recommend that we transfer this discussion to the TW
fly-in list. The TW fly-in list on Yahoo is located at:
http://groups. <>
<http://groups. <>>

I am looking forward to next years fly-in!!!



Dragonfly MK-IIH - N41GK

TW FOD Event Organizer 2003, 2004, 2005

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