Sharon Ricke <rickes@...>


I have a 18 HP in it at this time.In my shop i have a 4 cylinder contenental 4 AO4 to rebuild for the q1, that should 37 to 40 HP.
Brakes? I still have the pull on the handle and hope.
I have rewired and installed lights
Back to the engine,I moved the engine forward 1 in. By doing this I put te exhaust down the back of engine and out under the plane. Next I cut a hole 3 in by 12 in in the bottem of lower coweling. Then I cut a 3 in cut forward in the cowling. Then I made a bracket to hold the 3 in split open 1 in at the back of the cowling, that little 1 in peace down in the wind should cause a vacuum to pull the air out of the engine faster.
I also wraped the exhust with anti heat tape. So far in my taxi test my temp is very low, I"ll let you know more as time goes on

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