Re: Comittment!

Bruce Crain

You and Spud have done wonderful jobs with the FOD Events! Thank you
so much! I hope I wasn't negative with any of my comments.
Brainstorming by definition is "all ideas are welcome and should be in
the positive direction. Nothing negative allowed." In asking for
ideas I had hoped to ease the burden of motel rides and cafe proximity.
I think some great ideas have surfaced from some of the "Tandem
Wingers" After Brainstorming perhaps someone should look closer and
decided which ideas are efficacious and which ones are "just wack' my
brotha'" ;o)

I still am stuck on the idea of the weekend before Oshkosh at an
airport that it close enough to Oshkosh field for a one hopper with
plenty of fuel.

You da' bes' my man
Bruski Crain

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