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For starters, I'd be happy to do a lot of legwork for the next LVK
fly-in. Sorry I haven't contributed more in the past.

It's hard to measure the value of participation. I doubt anyone
noticed me two years ago at LVK, but the experience certainly sealed
my committment to one of the biggest financial and time sinks I've
had. I think this year Mark King got enough to keep the fire lit even
with young children competing for his time.

One thing I'd like to do at a quickie fly-in is a sort of a
structured, deep inspection of the planes. That would mean checking
all the weights and angles (wings, alignment, engine offset), doing
bounce tests, perhaps setting up planes for videotaped tuft testing;
maybe having a couple extra props on hand or MAP sensors or other
easily-installed upgrades for the performance run; perhaps even having
a contest of sorts, where other people check out my plane and find
squawks, esp. those I didn't know I had and didn't know to ask. The
goal is to build tools and techniques for evaluation, to get the
benefits of lots of eyeballs, to know how exactly your plane differs
from others, and to get builders to look ahead to the end result in
some detail. I think it's a way to drive technical discussions from
fantasy into practice and make it clear what's the state of the art,
so it should attract all experience levels without committing to a
seminar's constrained audience/presentation format and narrow subjects.


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Jerry hit it on the head regarding our flyins. Having them spread out
does allow more people to participate. The problem as he so acurately
points out is if people don't support them they go away. We've had a
few people attend from the east and we are grateful but mainly wind up
with the regualars from here.

When we started at LVK over six years ago, I had plans to grow our
event with seminars and more events to rival FOD. Bob on the other
hand wanted to keep it more of a meet and greet thing and that is what
its turned into. That's fine but I think the participation level is
dwendling and as a result, we need to give serious consideration as to
whether we have another LVK fly in or not. Any suggestions?

Jim Patillo
N46JP Q200

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