Re: Lay up sched?

David J. Gall


From your description this sounds similar to but different from what I have.
Could you send me a quick low-resolution black-and-white scan of these
documents so that I can compare with what I have? If different, I'd then ask
you for better scans....

Thank you,

David J. Gall

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I have an original copy of the LS1 plans headed "Construction
of LS(1) 0417 MOD CANARD, 2 pages of description and pics
commencing with "Jigging the canard" plus 10 pages of
drawings by Larry Lombard dated in 1983.. If this is what you
need I could send you a copy if you don't find one closer to
home. Or maybe scan them and send to you. (There are no
airfoils included just hand sketches) There is also a release
about mods to the firewall to beef it up for the 0-200 engine.



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