Re: 2007 FOD TW Fly-In

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Now that I look at the sectional, it is very close to Des Moines. It still
meets my initial criteria in that it is an uncontrolled airport clear of
Class B airspace. It is under a 2000 Class C veil and might be a little
busy. Maybe the criteria should say...."should" be an uncontrolled airport
that "must" be well clear of Class B and C airspace??



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Anleny IA is where the FSDO lives. Right on the field. We would have to be
on our best behavior!!!!
I don't have an Omaha sectional, but the Des Moines airspace can't be too
far away. Very much an urban area.

Kevin Boddicker
Luana, Iowa
Tri Q200 N7868B

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