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Ron Triano <rondefly@...>

Mike, correction, they were not all on engine related items. There was one
on the Strong pitch Trim which I have one and really like it.

Ron Triano

Sonerai IIs done and flying

Q200, Back working on it, soon to be flying

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Perhaps "Tandem Wing event" is a phrase lacking a clear definition. Still,
this year at Jean ALL the presentations were on Engine related stuff. Most
were on engines in the 60-120 HP range -- suitable for our TWs -- but
really suitable also for many other aircraft, such as Zenith 601 and 701,
Kitfox 6, many of the RANS aircraft etc.

I'm not saying it is wrong for the Laughlin/Jean Mountain States fly-in to
evolve this way, but I would like a TW event to spend more time looking at
TWs and talking about their problems and triumphs.

I do NOT want the TW events in the southwest to conflict with the
Mountain States fly-in, I enjoy both, but I expect the Mountain States
fly-in to concentrate on engines and the LVK fly-in to concentrate on
TWs. Change would be welcome as long as we have at least one meet per year
in which we concentrate on Tandem Wings.

Mike Perry

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A few thoughts on moving or combining events:

1) The "Mountain States Fly-in" is now an Engine-heads forum. Nothing
wrong with that, but it's not a Tandem Wing event any longer. However,
spring timing is great -- no conflicts with other events, and a chance
get out with our airplane friends after the winter is over.
It's what you are willing to make it.

When the event moved from Tucson to Laughlin the only person willing to
present a forum was me. All I have to bring to the table is engine stuff so
for 3-4 consecutive years in a row, it was me and my little Corvair engine
forum. One year I brought a video of the unveiling of SpaceShipOne and that
was a hit, but again, the dog-and-pony show was seemingly on my shoulders.

One year while at LVK I asked Don what he thought of me expanding the
to include more engine stuff and incorporating my goal of creating an event
for all experimental aircraft, especially since the EAA seems to want to be
distanced from the first E in their name. He thought it was a great idea.

The next three years in a row I brought in a multitude of speakers,
including Klaus Savier, Joe Horvath, Scott Casler, and Paul Lipps. With
exception, each speaker that joined our merry band of tandem wingers
something useful to the group. Engine stuff yes, but engines for Q's and
DF's for the most part.

If there is something missing from the TANDEM WING event that's now found a
home in Jean NV, something that would make it feel like it's no longer a
tandem wing event, either let me know or step up and provide it. It's not
like I'd be offended by help.

Consider that for umpteen years the media has pretty much refused to cover
the FOD and/or other events we have, but this year's Jean event netted an
article on the Q which appeared in KITPLANES Magazine. Not too shabby for
event which "not a Tandem Wing event any longer".



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