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Mine is a conventional gear Q. You bring up a good point. I am not an aeronautical engineer. I do not know how to determine the effect of the faring on the bending of the canard during landing. Does anyone on the Q-list have an opinion about this. See photos:



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Are you building a trike or tail Q ? When I put my DF together and had it inspected, There was a concern that I had sealed around the canard and lost the 1/8th in gap between the fuselage and canard as it would change the charachteristics of the canard and the abilities to absorb shock in landing. Thought it may make it more ridgid and probable to break. Mine is a tri gear so passed but noted that had it been a tail wheel not sure it would have. I was not a builder just completed a once flying project so others may have better input.

Just something to consider - Looks good though

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