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Keith Welsh <kfly@...>

Hi Tad and all:

Been reading with much interest the ideas forthcoming for the 07 FOD event.

Regarding Mattoon, IL it too, probably, meets all the criteria mentioned, uncontrolled, crossing rwys (150 x 6500 and 100 x 5800), restaurant on the field, hotels 1 mile away, hospital across road, too many restaurants, major interstate -1 mile away, no B or C airspace anywhere near, flat IL prairie terrain, lots of ramp. about 100 mi from St Louis or a -2 hr drive.

If a weekend prior to OSH, as Crain mentioned, is of much interest MTO is about 3 hrs South, more or less. That could generate interest from that standpoint. I've seen lots of Q guys at OSH who don't make the flyins. That plan could lasso some of them to a FOD flyin.

I agree that for a weekend only thing it might be a little to far East for many Westerners however, an OSH connection could alter that.

As for Tad's question is there an annual event in MTO. Yes, several. A wings weekend in July, Natl. Luscomb flyin in Aug., CAP weekend youth event etc... For Q' Issues developed with the new airport manager. Perhaps that could change with a FOD event. Am I doing Casey again? Maybe, the runway is due to be resurfaced in 07. Will not want to do one there again before that. For now I am on a wait and see basis. And perhaps Hoskins may want to have us back down to SIU. Hi Sam!

Anyway..some more mud for the pie.

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Mattoon? Is there an annual event in Mattoon ? That is like only 100 miles away.... Is there a calendar of the annual events ? Anyway to move FOD away from my wedding anniversary ? Sure would love to hit a few of these next year. Is Keith doing Casey again next year ?

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