Re: Canard root faring-update

Jay <scheevel@...>

Tad Simpson wrote:

"There was a concern that I had sealed around the canard and lost the 1/8th
in gap between the fuselage and canard as it would change the
charachteristics of the canard and the abilities to absorb shock in landing"


That is a critical difference between the DF and the Q's. I think that the
DF wing is bolted on, so to maintain the structural integrity of that
mounting approach you cannot bond it to the fuselage. The Q's on the other
hand are designed to be bonded to the fuselage so fairings do not adversely
affect the structural characteristics, in fact the broader fairing may
actually improve the characteristics. This said, most of the canard failures
I have seen in Q occur at the fuselage-wing junction on one side or the

Jay Scheevel - Tri-Q builder (not a problem for me either)

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