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Congratulations Ron!!


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Well, today was the day for N91RT to become a full fledged bird, Taxied to
runway 34, applied full power and with my knees knocking made it up to 80
indicated, gently pulled back on the stick and it actually lifted off, Was a
good feeling to see it fly straight for real instead of just short ground
effect dances. I left it at 80 to 85 and was climbing at about 3 to 400' PM,
Temps were all intact. Turned X-wind and all was still ok, I made about a 10
degree turn. Did that again for downwind and kept climbing while turning my
downwind into a large circle over the airport, got up to 7000' and started
to level off, as I did that the engine started to loose RPMs, I fiddled with
the mixture and could not maintain 2450RPM. Brought the mixture to Idle
cutoff for a second to see it really would cut the engine, so pushed it back
in while positioning to the downwind leg. The engine never did quit but just
would not maintain high RPM. Set up final at 75 and it felt good and I had
good response to control inputs. Never did get under 70 till I quit looking
at flair out. I did not make a greaser landing but it was a 3 point with a
bounce. Short rollout and back to the hanger. Thank God. The landing was not
a problem at all but I still need to relax on takeoff. Maybe I was just too
nervous for the first time. Next Saturday I will disconnect the fuel line
from the carb and check the flow, clean the filter and anything else that
needs cleaning, maybe my shorts. The temp was about 45 deg. So the density
alt must have been around 5600', the airport is 4700. The main thing I am
very pleased about is it flies straight, The stick is super sensitive and I
have to get used to that to not over control. Maybe next weekend it will be
smoother. Feels good working on the Q200 again.

Ron Triano

Sonerai IIs N91RT flying

Q200, Back working on it, soon to be flying

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