Re: Anyone help with Crazing and sunbumps

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I'm retired from SW PAINT Co. Auto Div. I have worked on a few Vetts.I'll need more info to help.
Jim in Oregon
541 409 6269

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From: Richard Thomson
Sent: Sunday, October 08, 2006 11:50 AM
Subject: [Q-LIST] Anyone help with Crazing and sunbumps

Can anyone advise how to deal with local crazing and sunbumps? I have
several areas on the Tri-Q I am restoring where there are small patches
(1-2" dia ) that need local repair, the main area around them and the
underneath glass is in good condition, and I do not want to strip the whole
thing to repair them. I can find loads on finishing the new airframe, but
cannot see much so far on repairs of this type. Can someone point me in the
right direction please.


Richard Thomson
Weston s Mare , UK
Tri-Q G-BMFN ( 21 yrs since 1st reg. this month )

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