Re: Anyone help with Crazing and sunbumps

Richard Thomson

Thats OK Jim, I do have a fairly good understanding of bonded structures
from years of being in metal rotor blade manufacture. The old tap test was
the inspectors main weapon in the detect a delam stakes. Thankfully to date
the main structure seems sound except for several bumps mainly on the main
wing areas about mid span, quite a ways from the centre brace areas. There
is some underfiller peeling at the wing fairing area, but when picked off
the glass surface taps a treat. I hope I do not find too much like Mike had
with the paint peeling, but to date the bumps I've picked at seem fairly
It has been outside in all weathers for a few years, with just a cover, and
my first thoughts were it would be scrap, but as I have surveyed it further
it has been a pleasant surprise, and so far the main structure seems to be
quite sound, I think it had a full paint job about 7 years ago, which may be
why it is still reasonable.
I intend to remove the tailcone and pick at that first, and practice
localised repairs and refinishing. then attack the main wing afterwards.

Thanks to everyone for all the replies to this thread.

Richard Thomson
Weston s Mare , UK
Tri-Q G-BMFN ( 21 yrs since 1st reg. this month )

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