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Since you mentioned taxation. There is an answer. It eliminates the IRS, income taxation and functionally (and really) untaxes everyone below the poverty line. It is called the Fair Tax (it is H.R. 25;S. 25). While I won't use this forum to get on my soapbox, I recommend everyone check out

And now we return to our regular programming.

Mark A. Pearson
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Tee Hee,
That's what Jimmy Hoffa Sr. would have done! Although the preferred
method was "cement overshoes" wasn't it? They do seem to be out of
touch with us "low lifers" that actually make the money and pay them
for "taxation without representation".

Bruce, why don't you just shoot them?

Ron Triano

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Sonerai there and Q200 gettin there

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