Re: Flight characteristics questions

Jim Patillo


When you pull the stick back on a Q in flight, the elevator is
deflected down and the result is the nose goes up. Its a canard.

Jim Patillo

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"David J. Gall" <David@...> wrote:
>Without sparrow strainers, when the airplane inadvertently goes
faster than
its trimmed airspeed, the slight undercamber of the LS(1) elevator
aerodynamic force that pushes the trailing edge of the elevator
up. This
lets the airplane's nose come down and allows the airplane to
accelerate to
a yet-higher speed. NOT GOOD!

Couple of points here.

1. If the TRAILING edge of an elevator goes up, then the nose of
the aircraft goes up. Not down. I re-read David's post several times
just to make sure I wasn't missing something.

2. More important though is: Are there any other ways to fix
this problem without having to put sparrow strainers on?? They
increase drag, stick out being easy to damage from airshow goers,
and all in all they look ugly. They look like someone didn't design
something right and they had to add a fix.

Has anyone came up with some other way to fix this problem? Is
this problem only on the LS1 wing or do all of the Q2s and Q200s
have this problem? Would making a flush mounted tab (anti-servo or
something) into the elevator work?

Capt. Danny Creech
^^ Not an aerodynamic engineer obviously.

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