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Jim Patillo

30 3G's really are good head sets, not to mention the factory
backup. I had 25XLs for some time and upgraded to the 3G's when they
came out. My opinnion is they are vastly improved over an already
good headset. I use the phone/ipod feature all the time. If your are
locked into a cell they are just like talking from your living room.

JP Q200

and --- In Q-LIST@..., Danny Creech <dannycreech@...>

What a deal Phil. Ron, I would take him up on the 30 G3s.

I have been using the LightSpeed G3s for almost three years. I
LOVE THEM. They work great and being able to plug in my MP3 player
as well as my Cell phone is a plus. Anytime ATC talks to you while
you are listening to music, it lowers the music.

I used the Cell phone feature back when I flew cargo out of
small fields. At night when I landed I would call FSS and close my
IFR flight plan while taxing in.

Capt. Danny Creech

britmcman@... wrote:

If you like, I could lend you a Marv Golden Logo'd version of the
QFR Cross Country C. It has a cell phone interface and is a pretty
unit. Or a 30 3 G Lightspeed (also with cell phone interface). You
can get an
idea about what some of the Lightspeed products are all about. I
trust you.



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