Re: Flight characteristics questions

Danny Creech <dannycreech@...>

Darn if your not right! As soon as you responded I thought about it and it only makes since! Sheeesh. I guess that is why I leave all the design to the engineers and I just fly them. <GRIN>

I just know I'm going to get drug through the mud for making that statment!

I guess I'm just not used to the tail being upfront where it belongs.

Your a funny guy Jon.

Danny Creech

>Not on our airplanes... . Elevator trailing edge up = nose down. Elevator
trailing edge down = nose up. David wrote it correctly.

This plus the fact that stick left = right roll and vice versa are the
reason that these planes are so hard to fly. ;-) (kidding about the roll

Jon Finley
N90MG - Q2 - Subaru EJ-22 Legacy

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