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Allen - can you take some photos and post them to the photos folder?

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The elevators on my GU canard appeared to me to have been put on upside down by the original builder as the trailing edge curved up. I have gone to alot of trouble flipping them over so that the t/e curves down - do you think I should have left them as is?
Allan Farr
P.S. On fast taxi runs with the elevators as they were (t/e curved up), the canard didn't want to fly. I need all the lift I can get up front, and that is one reason why I flipped the elevators over.

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Not underneath. On top. It is UNdesirable to have undercambered
elevators on canards. It IS desireable to have a slight REFLEX (reverse
camber near the trailing edge) on the elevators of canard airplanes.
This is one distinct reason that the choice of the LS(1)-0417MOD
airfoil was such a POOR CHOICE for a canard airfoil, despite the fact
that it has been made to work. IIRC, the LS(1) canard was rumored to be
the breaking point between Rutan and the rest of QAC.

David J. Gall

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As a matter of interest, an old method of achieving trim was to 'dope'
a length of string along the airfoil trailing edge, varying the length
to achieve the desired effect.
Do you think that this method could be used underneath the GU
elevators as an alternative to camber, if only as a temporary
explorative measure?

Paul Buckley

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