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James Cartwright <james.cartwright@...>

I have a couple of Lightspeed headsets I was going to send in for the 30 3g units. Maybe I can set you up for the same price they are going to give me for a trade in. These units are only 2 years old. They are the QFRXCc Headset.


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Thanks Phil for the offer, from everything I hear about the lightspeed type
that probably is the way I will go however what is a Marv Golden one?

Ron Triano

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Sonerai there and Q200 gettin there

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If you like, I could lend you a Marv Golden Logo'd version of the Lightspeed

QFR Cross Country C. It has a cell phone interface and is a pretty nice
unit. Or a 30 3 G Lightspeed (also with cell phone interface). You can get
idea about what some of the Lightspeed products are all about. I trust you.



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