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Jim Patillo

Ron, quit being such a damn tight wad and just purchase a new 30 3G,
there are only $585.00! That will give you what you want and it will
be new. You can't beat Lightspeed for service warranty and back up.
Loosen up with that dough, you can't take it with you and you sure
as hell don't want to give it all to your kids.

Hope all is well with your flight testing. How many hours now?

Jim P

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James, do they have the cell plugin and what is the amount of noise
canceling ? If so, let me know how much they offer.

Ron Triano

South Lake Tahoe, CA

The Sonerai is finished and flying

finishing the Q200

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I have a couple of Lightspeed headsets I was going to send in for
the 30 3g
units. Maybe I can set you up for the same price they are going to
give me
for a trade in. These units are only 2 years old. They are the


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Thanks Phil for the offer, from everything I hear about the
lightspeed type
that probably is the way I will go however what is a Marv Golden

Ron Triano

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Sonerai there and Q200 gettin there

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If you like, I could lend you a Marv Golden Logo'd version of the

QFR Cross Country C. It has a cell phone interface and is a pretty
unit. Or a 30 3 G Lightspeed (also with cell phone interface). You
can get
idea about what some of the Lightspeed products are all about. I
trust you.



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