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Paul Buckley

Hi Tim

As a matter of interest, all aircraft become increasingly pitch sensitive as the C of G travels aft, that is why there is an aft limit.
There is a safety factor built in, of course, but, generally speaking, to be behind that limit is dangerous.
The further forward the C of G is, the more pitch stable the aircraft is, at the expense of elevator authority, which is why there is a forward limit.

Would I be correct in thinking that you do not have any sparrow strainers installed?


Paul Buckley

TriQ200....still building.

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Hi All,

I have some questions about the flight characteristics of the Q-2.
Pitch sensitivity. With an after c/g my Q2 seams pitch sensitive.
My Q2 has the LS1 canard, Revmaster 65hp, tail dragger. Is it
normal to get more pitch sensitive the more aft the C/G gets?

Rudder to control bank. My rudder does not do anything for bank.
If the wing is down 5 degrees and you use the rudder to bring it up,
all that happens is the plane will yaw and the bank may even get
steeper. Is that a normal characteristic of the Q design?

With an increase in airspeed above 150 mph indicated the airplane
wants to pitch down and farther increase airspeed/pitch down
harder. Is this normal? Sparrow strainers to small for this
airspeed? I have the standard pitch trim system.

I have been flying my Q since April and now have 62 hours in it. It
is a joy to blast around the pattern and it is even a joy to put gas
in it after a long cross county. It is just a little too slow in
cruise 130 kts.

Thank You All.
Tim Bryant


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