Re: Taxiing before first flight. (long editorial)

Ron Triano <rondefly@...>

This same subject comes up more than any other, so I will add my designs
also as I already have many times over.

1) I agree with some that toe brakes are much easier and more
convienient than heal or hand brakes, also for me much safer. However I
chose to use my own geometry on the pedal to avoid the pedal changing angle
with forward and aft movement of the rudder pedal.

2) I do not agree in using a second bellcrank for the
rudder/tailwheel, that just adds more fittings and hardware, (more things to
break, keep it simple). Mine is plenty beefy and I used springs on the
tailwheel like every other taildragger. My cables go directly to the rudder
then on to the tailwheel. I won't crash by loosing a tailwheel but just mite
if I loose my rudder.

3) I do not agree with the alignment used in the 6 pack, I went a
completely different way and now have caster and camber adjustment
available. By sighting a line from one axle to a dimension on the other side
is no way to align a wheel, Everyone has different weight on their canard
and different strength due to each glassed canard is not exactly the same.
for the spring effect. I do agree that this is probably the most important
item to get your quickie to run true, I do not attach to the outer wheel
pant at all, all adjustment is made from the 4 bolts attaching the axle on
the inner wheel pant. (just like most other wheel mounts). There is someone
on this list that is a DAR and came up with something similar to mine and
has the outer part of the wheel pant removable. I really like that as now to
change my tire I have to remove the 4 bolts and drop the wheel out of the

If you are building from scratch and are not interested in reviewing each
method then I suggest you pay real good attention to the above points, Jim
and others have it working so pay attention to them.

If you bought someone elses 99% done quickie like I did then all bets are
off. You are in for plenty of work. Just be sure you get the alignment right
for your weight and exact quickie.

Ron Triano

South Lake Tahoe, CA

The Sonerai is finished and flying

finishing the Q200

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You know Jim, it is easy to get so wrapped up in the "I've got a better
idea" mode that all other solutions become just noise. It sounds like
Wes came up with a neat adaptation of the original single pull lever.
Your practical experience shows, though, he would really need three
hands to make it work safely. I hope Wes listens to you and realizes
you are not just pontificating. Have you let him taxi your plane to
show him what he could be experiencing as compared to what his is
getting out of his design? I'll bet he spent far more time coming up
with his solutions and implementing them than it would take to install
the proven six pack.

I had something similar happen to me with my reflexor prior to first
flight when a major flaw in my design was pointed out. Rather than
argue my position, I ripped out the whole mechanisim I worked pretty
hard on designing and implementing and installed a Falkner reflexor in a
fraction of the time. I have a much safer reflexor as a result and that
is what really counts.

To Wes and other guys like Wes, why waste your time, energy and $'s on
something that has already been solved and proven to be successful? Do
what works and go fly your plane.

Dave Richardson
Tri-Q2 N825DR 84 hrs.

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