Re: Taxiing before first flight. (long editorial)

Larry Hamm <LDHAMM@...>


Install a bellcrank a la the JB6, but with a twist.

Fab a disk with a cable guide groove on the edge, sort of like an automotive throttle advance on the side of a carb or throttle body. This disk should be oval shaped, with the long axis pointed at the rudder. The rudder cables are connected at the end closest to the cockpit, and run down each side of the disk. This disk is attached to the top of the bellcrank. As the bellcrank and disk turn, the rudder cables see an increasing radius and turn the rudder faster. That will give you the exponential response you're looking for, I believe.

Clear as mud??

That's the "Hamm" mod to the JB6. (If it works!)

Larry Hamm

Bob Farnam wrote:

I would really like to have what the RC guys refer to as
"exponential" control, where the response is low in the center part of the
travel, but increases at full rudder input. Easy to do with an RC
transmitter which has it builtin, but I haven't yet figured out a simple and
durable mechanical way to make it happen. Anyone have a sudden flash of
Bob F
EAA Flight Advisor

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