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My tailwheel does move a little bit short of detent unlock and I get unlock by stabbing the brake on the side I'm turning to after I get full rudder. The springs give enough to let it unlock. I think Mark Summers did some machining on his tailwheel to change the detent position although I haven't seen it apart. Would be worth looking at and it probably wouldn't be too hard to do. Don't know about Aviation Products. They might be willing. I'll take a closer look at the assembly when I do my annual.

Bob F.

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I remember you saying that the unlock detent matched full rudder
deflection, but I don't remember exactly why. Suppose the tailwheel unlock
required 10 degrees more than full rudder. Couldn't you reach unlock by
going to full rudder then differential braking? Some skidding I suppose,
but wouldn't that be worth it if the plane was easier to control during
takeoff and landing? Alternately, could we change the detent
position? Would the folks at Aviation Products Inc. do a special run?

For anyone who wonders I have flown with Bob and his plane tracks very well!

Mike Perry

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My ratio is not as much as I would like, but is limited by my own
requirement that I be able to reach the unlock detent on the full swivelling
tailwheel at full rudder. This so I can pivot around a wheel on the ground.
The result is that my airplane is less sensitive than the original design -
enough that I can fairly easily steer it straight at takeoff speed, but
still sensitive. I would really like to have what the RC guys refer to as
"exponential" control, where the response is low in the center part of the
travel, but increases at full rudder input. Easy to do with an RC
transmitter which has it builtin, but I haven't yet figured out a simple and
durable mechanical way to make it happen. Anyone have a sudden flash of

Bob F
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