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Best short field I have done as a Q2 tail dragger is 2114ft (gravel) with a
head wind of 10-15KTS and this is the cross strip at Maroochy I have used
several times.

Then I was based at Noosa which is narrow 25ft x 2760ft (gravel) with a
displaced threshold for trees at one end and a lake at the other. No go

As a Q2 the prop was 56x49 and gross about 410KG

Now as a Q-200 Jabiru the prop is 56X72 and gross 420KG.

Best short field performance is found by following the POH. "Land full stall
tailwheel first" and for me that means over the fence at no more than 70KTS,
which translates into a fairly steep nose high descent , hold it off till
the stall warning peeps, then feel for the runway with the tailwheel and
pull full aft stick when it contacts the tarmac. Once the canard is stalled
then by holding full aft stick the elevator at 23 deg is a flap and
contributes useful drag which reduces the run. Takeoff run for both my Q2
and the Q200 is about 970ft to the lift off point. I have the modified
tailwheel hardware with vertical axis and pneumatic tyre, no other mods. I
believe that the tailwheel is for steering and the brakes are for braking.
For my preference I don't want a dual brakes and tailwheel steering mode and
would not recommend the added fail points and complexity of the additional
bellcrank. Just my opinion. Without dual brakes the plans bellcrank is fine
for parking and fine for fast taxi provided that you fix your eyes on the
end of the runway, otherwise there will be unavoidable PIO swerves.

I would recommend the Gall alignment based on the reports of others and a
reflexor would assist in managing the final approach visibility and flare.



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I've been looking through the archives trying to figure out what a
reasonable expectation for a minimum TO/LD distance is for these
planes. I have encountered everything from 700ft (Mike!) to 3500
ft. If you want, post the distance that YOU takeoff/land in.

Please also include:
1)if you've got a tri (you might be able to hit the brakes harder) or
2) Your prop--unless you like to land deadstick
3) any mods, esp the reflexor (and its setting) or VGs.
4) GVW during the TO/LD
5) field condition: wet, asphalt, grass?
6) whether you're pulling the stick aft, neutral, or fwd.
7) the airspeed @which you flare, hit the brakes, call your wife, and
do other important things.

Hopefully, we'll be able to identify what it is that those short
landing guys are doing right. But I've got a personal motivation
too. There's an airport by my house (CGS) that's 2607 x60ft and
could represent a high pucker factor.

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