Re: Taxiing before first flight. (long editorial)


I'm pretty sure a four-bar linkage would accomplish
your needs here. I'm a little leary about that many
pivots in the system, though.

UAV systems engineer and pilot in Washington DC
Still looking for Q2/Q200

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Has anyone tried designing a cam bellcrank that
would provide a non-linear
response to pedal input? I know I've seen something
like this before in an
different application (possibly one of the helo's I
used to fly), but it
seems like it would address Bob's question.

Paul Agnew
Lurking Q-200 wannabe
West Palm Beach, FL
(Airbus driver in real life for a certain
blue-themed airline.)

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My ratio is not as much as I would like, but is
limited by my own
requirement that I be able to reach the unlock
detent on the full swivelling
tailwheel at full rudder. This so I can pivot around
a wheel on the ground.
The result is that my airplane is less sensitive
than the original design -
enough that I can fairly easily steer it straight at
takeoff speed, but
still sensitive. I would really like to have what
the RC guys refer to as
"exponential" control, where the response is low in
the center part of the
travel, but increases at full rudder input. Easy to
do with an RC
transmitter which has it builtin, but I haven't yet
figured out a simple and
durable mechanical way to make it happen. Anyone
have a sudden flash of

Bob F
EAA Flight Advisor

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