Re: quickie web site

Peter Harris <peterjfharris@...>

I am having trouble with Yahoo. A lot of my messages are found in the
archive but they are not being broadcast. I confirmed it is a Yahoo problem
not my ISP. Also I cannot send multiple messages out from another Yahoo
group and the site is loaded with crap popups. Someone let the nerds loose
in there. Is there another alternative to Yahoo Groups that we could check



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Darrell Daniels
Sent: Monday, 23 October 2006 12:14 AM
To: Q-LIST@...
Subject: [Q-LIST] quickie web site

I was wondering if anyone but me had trouble with logging onto our web site.

If I do not use the members only section for a while I cannot get in without

getting a new password. I write it down correctly on a index card so I will
not forget it and still I am told it is invalid . Any ideas. Thanks

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