Re: the Official Runway Distance thread

Phil Lankford

You wrote:

objective is to get the tailwheel down early and load it with aft elevator
and a stalled canard.

Peter. The elevator is at the wrong end of the craft to make the tail go
down. It has no effect on the downward force applied to the tail. This is
going to turn into a physics class and for some minute degree of force
differences there might be some small amount argued by some.

You are doing something right since you are flying in that Jabiru craft. I
can't knock success, but I still get a since that you absolutely have a
closed mind to the whole 6-pack contributions. In N870BM there was not any reflex
setting that made the aircraft dangerous to fly. Aileron authority was
positive regardless of setting. It just made a lot more things possible and it
definitely helped stick the tail wheel during landing rollout. Your comment
about holding elevator makes me think that your sparrow strainer setting might
be a factor.

How many flight hours do you have on that Jab to-date?



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