Re: "Exponential" differential via mechanics

David J. Gall


Yah, round corners. Since price is no object, you could use some of your
surplus $5 gold pieces for radiussed corners. The gold will wear instead of
the steel cables. Probably cost less than using some of those phenolic
aircraft-grade pulleys for round corners, eh? :)

Actually, you've got me thinking more and more about your/our approach. We'd
need some way to "keep" the cables so that they'd be sure to engage the
groove on your ellipse or any of my oddball shapes. It could be so simple to
make the diamond shape by using a couple of plates held apart by spacers,
with the cables running between the plates and attached to one of the
spacers at the fore end, the narrow axis of the diamond established by a
couple more spaceers, and the other end of the diamond by another spacer.
Two plates, four sets of bolts/spacers, and some cotter pins outside the
cable runs to act as cable keepers. The bottom plate could double as the JB

I'm opposed to the idea of modifying the Air Products tailwheel for the cost
of it, so maybe this is a cheaper approach. We'll see.

End of thread.

David J. Gall

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OK, I see what you're getting at. The only practical drawback
I envision with hard geometric shapes is the possibility of
wear on the cables as they cross the corners. As far as
expense, well, that train left the station a long time ago,
and I'm not even half finished! Less than the price of a
Continental exhaust valve, I'd guess.

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