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Hi Jon and Richard,

Rainy blighty is indeed england.
Yes Richard, it's the airframe farry had for sale and it is quite
tidy. Hope to get it as pristeen as his. He's only down the road and
so i'll be nicking ideas off of him and others alot to try to get it

It has a reflexor and i'm going to order the new noseleg soon. Got
to install a new firewall, sand and fill the airframe and re-install
the controls.

It's got a new 85hp VW so i need to move the engine mounts about too
as it was a Tri-Q200.

Hope to have it ready for next summer. I've got a lot of holiday to
use up so Lisa (wife) and I are going to get reall stuck in over the

All hints and tips apprieciated.

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Welcome Austin,

Where is "rainy blighty"? I'm guessing England??

Tell us more about your plane and what your plans are for it.

Jon Finley
N90MG - Q2 - Subaru EJ-22 Legacy
Mid-Valley Airpark, Los Lunas, NM

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Hi all,

Feels good to introduce myself to some like minded people. I'm
purchasing a Tri Q thats been stripped down for inspection over
in rainy blighty.
Sure I'll probably have some questions along the way and just
to let you all know i'm here


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