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Richard Thomson

Hi Austin, Farry's is immaculate, I think you will get lots of
useful info from him.
I don't have a reflexer, I have the little tailplane type trimmer
mounted on the fin. I did think about changing it to a reflex, but
advice has been to stick with it. I could do with some rigging info
if anyone has it please.
Has yours got the rear belly airbrake mod by the main gear leg? I'm
thinking that it may be worthwhile for short runways like we get in
UK, but advice is mixed. One point made was that it lets the engine
fumes straight in the cockpit. You might like to ask farry if he has
this problem, or is his box sealed?
Filling and sanding of defects. I have been at that for a couple of
weeks now, just on the tailcone at first to experiment. I'm using
West epoxy with a dryish mix of 401 ultralight filler which seems to
bond quite well, and gives a fairly hard surface which sands well,
but possibly not quite so quick as polyester type fillers. I will
float it over with primer and a finish of two pack poly. Then if that
goes well I'll use the same process on the Fuselage.
Happy Sanding.

Richard Thomson
Weston S Mare UK

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Hi Jon and Richard,

Rainy blighty is indeed england.
Yes Richard, it's the airframe farry had for sale and it is quite
tidy. Hope to get it as pristeen as his. He's only down the road
so i'll be nicking ideas off of him and others alot to try to get

It has a reflexor and i'm going to order the new noseleg soon. Got
to install a new firewall, sand and fill the airframe and re-
the controls.

It's got a new 85hp VW so i need to move the engine mounts about
as it was a Tri-Q200.

Hope to have it ready for next summer. I've got a lot of holiday to
use up so Lisa (wife) and I are going to get reall stuck in over

All hints and tips apprieciated.

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Welcome Austin,

Where is "rainy blighty"? I'm guessing England??

Tell us more about your plane and what your plans are for it.

Jon Finley
N90MG - Q2 - Subaru EJ-22 Legacy
Mid-Valley Airpark, Los Lunas, NM

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Hi all,

Feels good to introduce myself to some like minded people. I'm
purchasing a Tri Q thats been stripped down for inspection over
in rainy blighty.
Sure I'll probably have some questions along the way and just
to let you all know i'm here


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