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You know Jim, as I see it, there are at least the following groups out

Those who get it
Those who don't get it... yet
Those who don't want to get it but might
Those who won't get it
Those who don't even understand the question (yet, I hope).

You have something that works even if it is different than what a few
guys "think might" work Those guys are theory without practice. You
and the JB6Pack movement are theory WITH practice. It bothers me when
guys who haven't even put wheel to ground yet argue against something
that is working. We don't know who is reading these emails and making
decisions based on comments from the "theory without practice" group and
not recognising that rather important fact. I'm not against innovation.
I'm not against personalizing a solution. I am against "I am right
(even though I haven't tried it yet.)" especially if they don't preface
their point with the fact that their position is untested.

Jim, you have been a huge evangelist for these improvements. You are
obviously enthusiastic about them and yes you can be politcially
incorrect with the best of us. Just understand that there are more in
your camp than you might know.

Dave Richardson
Tri-Q2 825DR

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