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Jim I have never had to repair for a ground handling problem either.



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Well we've certainly had interesting debates regarding the JB6Pack. We
went 20+ years cracking up planes before Bob Farnam and I came out and
said "here's how to fix your ground handling problems." Several
builders followed suit and have great handling planes.

As the shit was stirred and eventually hit the fan, Bob Farnam chose
not to back me up publically but thats his style, and I understand. I
on the other hand will never be politically correct and say what I
think. There are others out there (Sam, Paul, Peter to name a few)that
have had success with their own designs. In fact, I think they are
still using the original tail wheels as well. Their planes work
because they mastered them. BTW they still never answered my
question, "How many times they repaired their planes due to ground
handling mishaps"? OK Fine. "I didn't do the mods because it creates
more fail points". OK Fine but that is simply a fictious statement and
has no basis in fact.

My only goal ever was been to make these planes safer to handle and
fly. God knows we've had enough bad press from knuckleheads smashing
their planes, yes even before they get off the ground. Opinions are
like assholes, everybody has at least one. Facts on the other hand are
different. Facts are facts and having said that, you all know the
pro's and cons. I wish you all well and have no interest in commenting
further EVER on the JB6Pack on this site. If you want to go this route
I am happy to talk to you in private. My e-mail is
logistics_engineeri <> ng@.... I
give! Just remember when your ass is
on the line and things aren't working just quite the way you thought,
there was a fix!

Best Regards,
Jim Patillo Q200 Novice

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