Re: the Official Runway Distance thread

One Sky Dog

Q: Is FULL down reflexor on the ailerons, on 870BM, the same aileron
position as planes without a reflexor installed?

A: No. Full down reflexor on N870BM meant that the trailing edges of the
ailerons were about 3/8" up above the main wing.


present fixed ailerons high condition. In my experience I had no trouble
landing reflexor full down (nose down/tail high). I always had sufficient
elevator authority to control pitch attitude so that tail wheel landed first
able to hold the canard off the deck till it settled on. At that point did I
pull full reflexors up to kill any aspirations the main wing had for flight
and to encourage tail wheel authority.

I am really happy to read about your progress with the Jabiru engine. this
could soon become a popular choice for many of the existing Q2s now powered
by Revmaster 2100s.



I am confused, "reflex" in an airfoil is a reverse curvature. Full up
reflexer means the trailing edge is up just like reflexed flaps on a sailplane.
What attitude the plane assumes may be different depending on the planfrom of
the airplane.

I assume that with the ailerons up the tail is lower than if the ailerons
are flush.

Whereas reflexer full down should mean that the airfoil has more camber and
produces more lift aft of the CG and a nose down tail high attitude.

I read both of your posts and you seem to be reversed on some points. I do
not have a reflexor but have reset the ailerons a couple of times and noted the



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