Re: "Exponential" differential via mechanics

Peter Harris <peterjfharris@...>

Thanks Larry.

To me it seems like an awful lot of complication for a dubious result. The
sensitivity of the tailwheel steering increases as the speed reduces. At
first touchdown the aircraft momentum and tail makes it stay straight and
any attempt to deflect it is limited by the flex of the tailspring and the
grip of the tyre, so at first it will skid rather than deflect the tail.
Later in the ground roll the plans ratio seems right for the job to me. I
think it is just something we learn to do and get the feel with familiarity.

But I am in favour of most ideas as long as they are not compulsory.




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No, Bob Farnum wanted a tailwheel which turned faster as more pedal was
applied. Less twitchy when centered or nearly so, strong response toward
the limits.
Larry Hamm

Peter Harris wrote:


Are you really doing all this so you get more rudder authority in rollout?


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