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Dave Richardson <dave@...>

Hey Peter,

There are lots of questions still in my mind around the interaction
between the postion of the reflexor and elevator and how it influences
drag/speed. I'm going to try some testing and see what I come up with.

On building the reflexor, I did something when making the arm that made
it a little easier to build. I made two of the 3" x 1/8" retaining
disks instead of just 1. Then I made an arm out of flat 1/8" as well as
two 1/8" flat spacers to approximate the bend Falkner could accomplish.
Yes, it took me 4 pieces to do what he did with one but the end result
is the same.

If I'm visualizing correctly what you meant by the PVC guard installed
by the previous builder, how do you dissassemble the aileron bellcrank
from the torque tube to grease that bearing each annual? Perhaps you
could remove the aft 5 or 6 inches of that guard and make a removable
fiberglass cover when everything is in place so you can disassemble and
lube the reflexor each year.


RE: [Q-LIST] Reflexor

Thanks Dave,

1. That is similar to my experience. With zero deg and an empty main
tank there is a significant loss of elevator authority. A good reason to
remember to up aelerons for landing.

3. Bob has corrected that point and I think others have also found
more speed with the elevator up slightly and aelerons trimmed for level.
Maybe there is some influence from the tri gear although that would
pitch forward and load the canard a bit more.

4. Thanks for the lead to the Falkner. It is still a bit daunting
for me. The original builder fully enclosed the aileron torque rod in a
rectangular PVC drain pipe so I would need to destroy that for starters.


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