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As the Avionics Manager for a FBO in Nebraska I can help answer this. The FCC regulates this because of the potential for "tower hopping". That is sending/receiving from multiple towers that may cause lockups in the network or even the cellphone companies....misregistered calls...or what we may call "free ones". As far at the cockpit area I have found that a cell phone can, will, and has wiped the GPS receivers out of several name brand panel mount units. We found out the pilot was using his cell phone in each case and the company lead us in that direction. They also didn't warranty the repair of the unit in question either. Besides this issue, I have seen VOR's pull off 10 degrees with a cell phone in its active state. I had the chance to speak to a pilot who was talking on his cell phone and not watching out his windshield and nearly flew up the butt of a Cessna 182 with his Commanche. This is a fairly major concern since in a car you only wreck (in most cases) in the x and y an aircraft you have that bad z direction that makes you go SPLAT. He said he will never use his phone in the air again. Also, last note I swear, a headset with cell phone tie in have caused excessive loading of certain makes of audio/intercom panels that have lead to premature failure of the audio amp circuits inside. This has to do with impedance and loading that manufacturers did not plan for. This also leads to the company NOT paying for your repair. My 2 1/2 cents worth.

Barry Stearns

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Shooting from the hip on this, two issues come to mind. First, why would
using a cell phone in a private plane make a difference? Cars, comercial (on
the ground taxi), boats etc. are all okay. Next, who would know if someone
did use their cell from their private ac?
All answers come from how you ask the question. The definitely "no" answer
may have been intended for a passenger on an airliner in flight... that "no"
comes from the disruption of navaids etc.
Just some thought to think about.

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> Since, like most of you, I use a cell phone, I was intrigued by the
> advertising of headsets with cell phone connections.
> I had been reading, off and on, about regulations against using a cell in
> flight. It would be great to give my brother a call, 20 minutes out, to
> pick
> me up at the airport.
> I e-mailed the EAA to get some reliable info. The reply was that the FAA
> didn't have any regs against cell use in the air but the FCC says no, no,
> definitely NO!
> Dennis

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